Post-Race Press Release

Insight Racing Selected for 2005 Grand Challenge!!
View our Press Release, the DARPA Press Release and the NCSU Press Release

10-8-05 Race Day!! The team met at 5:00 this morning to begin final preparations of the truck. We got the cd with the set of GPS points for the official course at 5:15 and began loading it into our system. we also checked all the fluid levels in the truck and topped off the oil and gas. We were launched a bit behind schedule, at approximately 9:30. We completed 28 miles of the course, going over three times as far as the furthest team in last year's race. See Pictures from the Race!
10-7-05 Today we completed our static test, as well as our 1 mile practice run. The teams ran the practice run from the same place we will begin tomorrow for the real race. Teams begin racing tomorrow at 6am PST and will be launched in 5 minute increments. We will be the 20th team launched, so we anticipate leaving between 7:30 and 8:00am PST. For live feedback, track our truck's progress on DARPA's official Grand Challenge website: See pictures of today's practice run.
10-6-05 The team, and the truck have all made it to Primm, NV. It was about a 3 hour drive from the speedway this morning, then we unpacked the truck and set up the pit to prepare for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be doing a practice run with the official starting procedures for Saturday. See pictures from the trip.
10-5-05 We have completed the closing ceremonies, and are currently packing the truck to move to Primm, NV. We will move there at 9:00am tomorrow morning, and the race will begin on Saturday, October 8. See pictures from today.
10-4-05 We had our fifth run this morning at around 9:30 PST. Our vehicle completed the run in 17 minutes, however we hit both the mini-van and the tank trap. Our front bumper actuated on the mini-van after impact and we backed up. We then pulled forward around the mini-van and completed the course. Our vehicle sustained some frontal damage, but has been repaired. Pictures from today
10-3-05 Official DARPA Results in from run 3: cleared 48/50 cones and 4/5 obstacles. We had our fourth run on the NQE course at 4:00 PST. Our vehicle completed the course almost twice as fast as in run 3, at 17 minutes! See pictures from today. Quicktime Video from Run 4
10-2-05 Many teams declined their practice runs today because of conflicting NQE Run times, so we were able to practice at noon. We worked on our car passing ability after scraping by a van yesterday on the course. We hope to have our fourth run on the NQE course tomorrow afternoon. See pictures of today's practice
10-1-05 Insight Racing has completed the course on our third run at the NQE! After discovering that the power supply in one of our machines was broken and caused a system failure yesterday, we changed out the power supply this morning and got all our systems running for this afternoon. See pictures from today
9-30-05 Updated Media Guide now available. Insight Racing ran our second run on the NQE course at 11:30 PST. We completed half of the course before dragging a few hay bails into the tunnel and wedging them against the wall. We then had a 1 hour practice run at 1pm. It went well and gave us the chance to troubleshoot our earlier problems. Check back later tonight for updated pictures. Today's Pictures
9-29-05 No runs were scheduled for today. Ran for 1 hour on the practice field at 4:30 PST. The weather continues to be hot and dry making chapstick and sunscreen very popular. Check out pictures from today.

Thanks to our sponsors Comtrol and SICK for their continued support in the garage today. We were also visited by a camera crew from Monster Garage.
9-28-05 The Truck and all the comptuers have arrived in California! Today the team participated in the opening ceremonies, passed static and dynamic inspections, and got our first run on the NQE course. Check out the NQE 9/28 pictures.
9-19-05 The Truck is en route to California! It will be traveling 2500 miles over the course of the next week while the team makes final preparations to leave.
8-21-05 Check out the truck's new paint job!
8-15-05 Completed 3 days of extreme terrain testing at VIR.

NEW!! Excerpts from our video submission to DARPA can be found here

Insight Racing is proud to announce that we were the first DARPA Grand Challenge team in the nation to complete the course at Virginia International Raceway. Please view our press release and photos of our accomplishment.

Insight Racing is an organization created to develop autonomous vehicle technologies to support military, commercial, and industrial applications. Autonomous vehicles support computerized control of a vehicle including navigation, obstacle avoidance, and specialized task completion.

We are currently building an autonomous off-road vehicle to compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge. This team is composed of 9 members, Grayson Randall, Mike Randall, Walt Sliva, Matt Rhinehart, Brendan Shanley, Kate Caldwell, Brian Dean, Steve Kuekes, and Amit Bhatia. We have completed 10 mile test runs and continue to enhance our object avoidance, routing, and control systems.

Feel free to contact us at:
P. O. Box 157
Morrisville, NC 27560