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PCMedEvac President Matt Carter with Insight Racing Leader Grayson Randall




Cary, NC – March 14, 2007– Insight Racing recently announced another sponsor for the DARPA Grand Challenge race.  PC MedEvac, a Cary based provider of managed services for computers and networks, will continue as Insight Racing sponsor for the Urban Challenge.

The Urban Challenge is the third in a series of robotic vehicle races sponsored by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In each of the Grand Challenge races, full-sized vehicles, which are completely computer controlled, compete to prove the newest driverless technology really works.  Prior Grand Challenge races were held in the Mojave Desert where computer controlled cars and truck drove over 130 miles without any human intervention or assistance in driving. The newest race will take place in an urban setting where “smart cars” will have to follow California driving rules, pass other moving vehicles, stop at intersections, and traverse traffic circles, as well as other driving tasks.

Grayson Randall, Team Leader for Insight Racing said, “The success of the Insight Racing team is dependent on sponsor support.  We are pleased to have a reputable business like PC MedEvac on our team.” 

According to PC MedEvac President Matt Carter, “Just watching the news right now makes a clear cut case that this kind of technology is urgently needed.  Saving the lives of truckers, motorists, soldiers, and first responders is a powerful and meaningful goal and from what I have seen, very close to becoming a reality.   We are pleased to continue offering support and would like to encourage other local businesses to contribute as well.”

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PC MedEvac. is a privately-operated computer maintenance and repair business providing computer crisis and maintenance support to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Triangle area of NC.  The company was founded in 1991 to provide immediate on-site responses and solutions through true availability 24-hours a day, seven days per week.

Insight Racing is a North Carolina based robotic vehicle racing team supported by NC State University and North Carolina businesses to compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge events Insight Racing (www.insightracing.org)  

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