Lone Wolf with front Snesors
Lone Wolf with Front Sensors




Cary, NC – March 9, 2007– Insight Racing recently announced another sponsor for the DARPA Grand Challenge race.  Ascot Technologies, Inc., an award winning Cary based company specializing application for cell phones will repeat its sponsorship of Insight Racing sponsor for the upcoming Urban Challenge.

The DARPA Grand Challenge is a series of robotic vehicle races which where completely computer drive vehicles compete to demonstrate new advanced automotive control technology.  The most recent Grand challenge culminated in a 130 mile race across the Mojave Desert in the Southwest US on October 8, 2005. The races are sponsored by the Department of Defense and were designed to accelerate the development of vehicles which do not require a human driver. Insight was a finalist in the 2005 Grand Challenge.

The newest race is set to take place November 3, 2007 and pits these smart cars and trucks against one another in a series of missions which take place in city driving conditions.  The “smart cars” will have to follow California driving rules, pass other moving vehicles, stop at intersections, and traverse traffic circles, as well as other driving tasks.

Walt Sliva, Business Manager for Insight Racing said, “Sponsor support has been key to Insight Racing’s success.  Because of this support, Insight Racing has demonstrated and proven its ability to solve complex automotive control problems.” 

According to Ascot Technologies’ CEO Mary Ellen Randall, “We believe the new smartcar technology under development by Insight will make our roads safer and more enjoyable.  Insight is a proven contender in the Grand Challenge series.”

Other sponsors include:  Advanced Vehicle Research Center, Lotus, Insight Technologies, Inc., NC State University, Comtrol, SICK, Auto Europe, BDMICRO LLC, HAND Wireless, PC MedEvac and Smith Anderson.

Sponsorships are still available for this race vehicle.  For more information, contact Walt Sliva at walt@insightracing.org

For more information and to follow Insight Racing's progress visit www.insightracing.org.
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Ascot Technologies, Inc. is an award winning company specializing in the development of mobile applications.  (www.ascottechnologies.com).

Insight Racing is a North Carolina based robotic vehicle racing team sponsored by NC State University and North Carolina businesses to compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge events. (www.insightracing.org)  
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