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  Lotus Elise  



DSC00615 - Steve getting truck ready for initial integration test

DSC00616 - Temporary bumper mount for initial integration test

DSC00617 - Mike, Grayson, Steve, Amit

DSC00618 - Power anyone?

DSC00619 - Close-up view of bumper

DSC00620 - Bumper - Go pack!

DSC00621 - Robotic "Thanksgiving Arrangement"

DSC00624 - Fall in North Carolina

DSC00625 - More Fall in North Carolina

DSC00626 - What a temptation!

DSC00627 - We'd rather be golfing!

DSC00628 - We're dedicated to resist this!

DSC00629 - Mike

DSC00631 - Insight Racing gives new meaning to the term "Mouse Pad"

DSC00634 - Detecting Objects

DSC00635 - Our Office Outdoors