Lotus Elise


Insight Racing, a previous DARPA Grand Challenge Finalist plans to participate in the newly announced DARPA Urban Challenge. On November 15, 2006 Lotus unveiled Insight Racing's next Grand Challenge Vehicle at NC State University.

  Simon Cobb of Lotus Engineering Simon Cobb of Lotus Engineering is interviewed after unveiling the Lone Wolf Grand Challenge vehicle
  Vice Chancellor Simon Cobb Lotus Elise NCSU Vice Chancellor Dr. James Zuiches, Simon Cobb of Lotus, Ahmad AlZawawi who named the car, Grayson Randall of Insight Racing, and Dick Dell of the Advanced Vehicle Research Center.
  NCSU Engineering Dean with LoneWolf Dean of NCSU College of Engineering, Dr. Louis Martin-Vega with the "Lone Wolf."
  DrFornaroandLotusEliseatNCSU Dr. Robert Fornaro whose Computer Science Senior Design students previously dealt with Grand Challenge problems, with Grayson Randall, Insight Racing founder.